Faculdade Antonio Meneghetti

On 20th January 2008 the opening of Faculdade Antonio Meneghetti was celebrated in Brazil in Recanto Maestro District – a Centre for Economic, Social, Environmental and Human Development – in the presence of Acc. Prof. A. Meneghetti, St. Petersburg State University’s Rector L. Verbiskaja and the municipal prefect of São João do Polêsine V. B. Gassen; furthermore, with greetings from the Head of the NGO Department and United Nations consultant, Madame Hanifa Mezoui.

The process

In Brazil, the creation of a new faculty is the first step in developing an institution of Higher Education. To found one, it is necessary to have an institution and a body to maintain it (known as mantenedora). Both of them should receive authorization from the Ministry of Education MEC (allowing at least two years to obtain it). It is possible to start one or more courses, adding the other ones gradually, again with MEC approval.

◾In March 2006, procedures started for the accreditation to the Brazilian Education Ministry of both the mantenedora society – FOIL, in this case – and the faculty and its administration course.

◾After approval of the Developmental Plans, Projects, Regulations and after the submission of several bureaucratic applications, the Supervisory Control Committee carried out an inspection in loco, that is in the future Faculty premises. In the case of Faculdade Antonio Meneghetti, the Committee awarded the highest rating to all the parameters required by law for the settlement of a faculty.

◾In November 2007 the National Council of Education passed a positive opinion regarding the accreditation.

◾In December 2007 the Minister of Education Fernando Haddad signed and issued the Portaria N° 1,170 in the Brazilian Official Diary, authorizing Faculty operations as well as the Administration course based in the Recanto Maestro District.

◾At the beginning, the Faculty should have been called "FOIL Management”, but soon after the description of the project and the course were presented, along with an explanation of what FOIL is and who the founder of its underlying thinking is, the Minister suggested calling it the Antonio Meneghetti Faculty, with its first course in Administration.

◾The course’s pedagogical project was conceived in accordance with national policy to obtain the Bacharel Degree in Administracione with 3,108 hours of lesson time, including modules on FOIL methodology. To teach FOIL subjects, the Specialization qualification in Ontopsychology, obtained at St. Petersburg State University, was added as a further and essential requirement.

◾After the Administration Course started in 2007, two new degree courses have been activated: Information Systems and Law in 201 and 2011, respectively. the Faculty is also characterized by a wide range post-lauream training program, including MBA courses based on the application of ontopsychological method to the entrepreneurial field.

Prefect V.B. Gassen’s, on the day of inauguration of the Faculdade Antonio Meneghetti, said: "Prof. Meneghetti came to this God-forsaken region in the 1990s, at a time in which the place was not yet called Recanto Maestro (later renamed so by Meneghetti himself). During these years, we have witnessed an orderly development of the region in respect of all the local laws, for the benefit of the citizens benefit and contributing to the development of services for the local industry. Law 389, 2003 made Recanto Maestro District official and this represented a substantial advantage for the region and the council, thanks to the increase in income from taxes and, above all, to the international events that are held here. This Faculty will make this contributin even greater in the future and this is why, in the name of all citizens, I would like to thank Prof. Antonio Meneghetti”.

Faculdade Antonio Meneghetti
Autorizada pela Portaria 1.170/2007 do Ministero da Educação e Cultura - MEC
Rua Recanto Maestro, n° 339
Distrito Recanto Maestro
São João do Polêsine, RS – Brazil – CEP 97230-00
In Brasil Ontopsychology is also included in the Administration course at Santa Caterina Federal University, one of the the most famous universities of the country.
Recanto Maestro District is an International Centre of Art and Humanistic Culture. Through the development of projects that have been recognized also by the United Nations (UN), it looks at contributing to the 8 Millennium Development Goals, placing itself as a Centre for Economic, Social, Environmental and Human Development.