Melholistics is an Ontopsychological instrument that uses music – performed by a melholist – and dance – performed by the participants. It aims at restoring and strengthening the potential of organismic health, psycho-physical wellbeing and psycho-emotional functionality.

The term “melholistics” was coined in order to stress the difference between this discipline and other music-based therapies used in the medical field. Melholistics addresses (preferentially, not exclusively) active operators in any field – business, politics, art, sport, etc. The objective is to enable the subject to invest his health in the social environment.
It is a primordial rhythm that unifies the heart, the stomach, the diaphragm and the muscles, swith a  constant reference to the so called neurogastroenterologic brain. Everything evolves according to a congenital rhythm based on percussions and the expansion of the diaphragm, which is the natural drum of the organism. This musical experience makes it possible to recover the musicality that is naturally present in the organism, rediscovering the sense of circular harmony of the psycho-emotive-somatic whole.
Fields of Application
  • Health psychology (holistic wellbeing)
  • Aesthetics and Creative Expression
  • Sports
  • Schooling and Education
  • Music and Arts
Reference texts:
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