Aims and Activities

The main objective of Ontopsychology is the ontological link, that formal sphere which creates a project reality. Its aim is scientific research into psychic activity, rationally detected, as the foundation of any expression of human existence.

This concept which develops from ontology and problem-solving practice, from health to business developed in accordance with the core business, from scientific research to economy, has been developed into an applied and repeatable method by Prof. Antonio Meneghetti.

The Association promotes and supports OntoArte, that is the expression of that current of thought referring to those artistic manifestations coming from the ontologic-humanistic intentionality.

The Association pursues its aims by organizing initiatives, projects and other types of activities.

◾International congresses, conferences, workshops. On a periodical basis, the Association promotes and organizes training, research and scientific and cultural refresher courses, both independently and with the support and in partnership with institutions having a similar and related purpose. In particular, in 1988 the Association founded the Summer Session of Ontopsychology, an annual international meeting offering updates on the ontopsychological landscape and which, in 2012 reached its XXVth edition.

◾Institutional training courses. The Association supports collaboration, association and convention programmes which facilitate a dialogue with the institutions, whether at international, national or regional level, which share the same or similar purpose with the aim to promote the dissemination of scientific knowledge.

◾Projects supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Association promotes and supports initiatives that aim to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Among the projects already launched are those related to the recovery and to the sustainability of economic and environmental development. An example of this is given by the International Centre of Art and Humanistic Culture of Recanto Maestro in Brazil.

◾Promoting the publication of periodicals and scientific and arts journals, and of audio and video productions pertaining to the activities and institutional aims of the Association.

◾Disseminating what scientifically experimented in its own study and research activity.