International Short Movie Competition “Cinema and Unconscious”


DEADLINE 7 July 2017
The competition is open to film-makers from all over the world, who produce short movies. The aim is to valorise the short movie for expressiveness and humanistic cultural dissemination.
1 – Participation to the competition is free of charge.

2 – The competition is promoted by i) Antonio Meneghetti Scientific and Humanistic Research Foundation (Switzerland); ii) International Ontopsychology Association (AIO); iii) OntoArte International School Association (ASIO) henceforward referred to as “Promoting Direction”

3 – The theme title is: “Live to Be” “Creative story that stimulates the positive development of one’s realization in interaction with nature and society, within a life project”.

4 – The competition is organized in two sections: Section A: Youth Prize, open to people until the age of 21. Section B: Adult Prize, open to people above the age of 21.

5 – The works and registration file will need to be submitted no later than 7 July 2017 at 24.00 (Italian time zone). Technical specifications for the short movie: maximum file size 500 Mb, maximum resolution 1920x1080. Applicants will need to upload their videos on the wetransfer account: The registration file will need to be sent to:

6 – Each applicant can submit a work for each section (in Italian or in English), of 5 minutes maximum length. Short movies in languages other than Italian or English will not be accepted in the competition.

7 – The Promoting Direction retains the chance to not admit works which are deemed disrespectful of the competition’s reputation, with particular reference to videos showing signs of pornography and racism.

8 – Participation in the competition can be rejected in case of videos technically unsuitable for a quality public projection.

9 – Works submitted shall not contain advertisements or commercials whatsoever.

10 – Each author is responsible for the contents of his/her work and for the diffusion of copyrighted music. Besides, as later further specified at point 14, by submitting the work, the applicant declares to be the owner of all rights of use of the work itself with no exception, that the work’s contents do not represent infringement of the applicable law, nor they contain libellous or slanderous claims. The sender in any case frees the Bodies at point 2 from all responsibilities for the contents of the work projected in public.

11 – The Bodies at point 2 are not responsible for damage or loss of the submitted works.

12 – The Bodies at point 2 reserve to modify the present announcement due to force majeure, or for the improvement of the announcement itself; applicants will be timely notified of all prospective modifications.

13 – The registration file includes a disclaimer for the use of the short movie in the frame of the “Cinema and Unconscious Competition” and within all future events which can be traced back to the Competition itself; the absence of such disclaimer will hinder the admission to the selection. Minors’ registration files will need to be signed by both parents and include scans of their id cards. In lack of parents, the application will need to be undersigned by the tutors who act in their stead, attaching copies of their identity documents and relevant official assignment of parental authority.

14 – The registration file will need to be filled out and undersigned by the holder of the work’s rights of authorship, as under Act 633/1941 and further modifications. By sending the registration file, the subject who undersigns declares to be the author of the work submitted, and assumes all responsibilities for its contents, eligibility, nature, quality and veracity, and for his/her declarations. The applicant commits him/herself to relieve the Bodies at point 2 of all prospective claims by third subjects who, at any title, could arise and claim rights over the work and/or the music used and/or other parts and features of the work. In relation to prospective audio tracks in the work submitted, the applicant also declares to use his/her original music of which he/she holds the relative rights, or he/she declares that the music contained is free from copyright as under the law. Should copyrighted music be used, the author declares that he/she has fulfilled all relevant SIAE obligations, therefore the submitted works respect the law on copyright and intellectual property, and thus the author relieves the Bodies at point 2, promoters of the competition, of all claims that may be raised by other Bodies and Public Administrations. Besides, the author expressly authorizes public projection of the work, as well as its web publication, it being understood that the author maintains all rights on the work. In case of false claims by the applicant, the Bodies at point 2 will be able to arraign the applicant, either independently from each other or in joint action.

15 – A jury, appointed by the Promoting Direction, will evaluate the short movies submitted and assign the prize to the two works – one for the Section A and one for the Section B – that have received the most of the jury’s votes. The judgment of the jury is indisputable.

16 – The jury reserves the right to not assign the prizes, should no work be deemed suitable for the prize assignment.

17 – Prizes. To the first classified in Section A -“Youth” Prize: a plaque for the “Best Short Movie” and € 1.500,00. To the first classified in Section B - “Adult” Prize: a plaque for the “Best Short Movie” and € 1.500,00.

18 – The full schedule of the prize giving event will be communicated via e-mail to all participants. The prize giving event will indicatively take place on 22 July, 2017.

19 – During the prize giving night, three to five participating short movies will be projected for each section (A and B), among which the two winners will be declared: one for Section A and one for Section B.

20 – All travel and staying expenses of participants who will want to assist at the prize giving event will be upon the participants themselves.

21 – Submitted works will not be returned and will be included in the Competition’s archives.

22 – Participation in the competition implies the full acceptance of the competition’s conditions and the authorization to the Bodies at point 2, promoting the competition, to project the participating, admitted short movies within all events connected to the “2017 Cinema and Unconscious Competition”, or that aim at advertising and promoting the competition and the diffusion of short movies.

23 – By expressly accepting the present regulations, participants authorize the processing of their own personal information as under the applicable privacy law, as per information sheet that will be undersigned by the applicant along the registration phase.

24 – Any dispute arising shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Rome.

25 – The announcement and the registration file will be available on All prizes for the two sections of the competition, the winning short movies and the winners’ names will be made public on:

Please send the registration file to:
and upload the video on: