IOA at CapeTown for the XXXth International Congress of Psychology

We are in Cape Town, South Africa, and it is right here that the 30th International Congress of Psychology (ICP) took place between 25th and 27th July 2012. Once every four years, the event gathers intelligentsia from all over the world acting in psychology research and clinical work as well as operating in its various expressions and different application fields.

This is the ambiance where the International Ontopsychology Association (IOA) brought its contribution, together with the European Ontopsychology Association (EOA) and with the participation of FOIL (Fostering Ontopsychological Interdisciplinary Leadership) and the Saint Petersburg State University, who held their specific symposia. Three were the key papers presented during the main days: Marina Capasso (IOA) with her speech on Image and unconscious: the ontopsychological contribution to dreams analysisI, where she explained the foundations of the ontopsychological method, foundations which are unique in the current scientific panorama and have been allowing, for 40 years already, the use of the dream as a tool for a precise diagnosis of the way the individual leads his/her existence, in aspects ranging from physical health to social activity. Gabriella Palumbo (AEO) took the floor in the framework of a clinical session dedicated to the topic Schizophrenia: pathological or existential problem? The ontopsychological view, illustrating the ontopsychological approach to the schizophrenia therapy. Paolo Zenorini (FOIL) presented his paper entitled The ontological nexus: reflection concerning knowledge and subjective reality, in which he explained the theoretical ground of the ontopsychological epistemology. The attendance of the IOA, EOA and FOIL delegations was completed by poster contributions from Elisa De Santis on OntoArte (Art and artist personality: An innovative ontopsychological perspective on creativity and art), Annalisa Cangelosi on melholistics (Captured by music and dance: Melholistics and performance in sports) and Daniela Di Pietro on cinelogy (Cinema and communication: The cinelogy).
The ICP, with participations that range from Northern Europe to the whole Eastern Asia, is nowadays an event where you can really experience globalization, with all its opportunities and challenges. On of them is undoubtedly represented by the need to set a framework for a psychology to the human being’s service: that is precisely the premise from which Ontopsychology started its journey more or less 40 years ago. And the ICP decided to choose the title Psychology serving humanity as a central theme for its participants.