The Brazilian Ontopsychology Association launches its distance learning portal

The Brazilian Ontopsychology Association launches the ABO EAD portal with the first Ontopsychology distance learning course in Brazil,  carried out entirely on-line through video lessons and accompanying materials. The training aims at introducing the essential concepts of the ontopsychological science and is addressed to students and professionals who want to study and understand Ontopsychology.
The first module, available on-line already, is structured in 7 video lessons dealing with topics like the historic path of Ontopsychology, the exactitude of the researcher for his scientific exercise and the three discoveries of the ontopsychological science (the ontic In-itself, the semantic field and the deflection monitor).
During the following months two further modules of this first training will be launched, illustrating the ontopsychological vision of the human being, some of the analysis and intervention tools and the applications of the ontopsychological science.