Recanto Maestro winning the TOP MARKET Award in the Sustainability Category

On the 26th November 2012, at the Bourbon County Theatre in Porto Alegre, the international center of humanistic art and culture Recanto Maestro was honored with the TOP MARKETING Award of the ADVB/RS (the Brazilian Sales and Marketing Managers Association), in the Sustainability category. More specifically, the award in the Sustainability category is addressed to businesses and organizations of any market segment that promote and develop the concept of environmental sustainability based on three pillars: human capital development, social well-being and respect of the planet. These aspects were undoubtedly the ones that guided Antonio Meneghetti’s intuition when, in the eighties, he managed to see, in a place called at that time “the hell valley”, what would later become the high example of lifestyle for the human being. In the Recanto Maestro district, located in the Restinga Seca and São João do Polêsine municipalities, the sustainable management is exercised in all its dimensions: administrative, ecobiological, training-educational, entrepreneurial and political.

This management model is based on the public/private partnership, made possible thanks to the practical application of the ontopsychological methodology. This tool allows in fact to identify, in the environmental context, the grounds necessary for science, technology and business in order to operate as a service for that key resource represented by the human factor. The award that Recanto Maestro was honored with is therefore a further step forward in a wider project, already appreciated even by the United Nations (UN), which aims at the 8 Millennium Development Goals achievement.