The 25th Anniversary of the Summer Session of Ontopsychology

In Trevi, from 7th to 16th August 2012, the Summer Session of Ontopsychology was held, celebrating its “first” 25 years, with the theme “Ontology and Society”. The conference cycle had the support of the President of the Republic, as well as the aegis of the Senate, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, local institutions (Umbria Region, Perugia Province, Assisi Municipality), of the Saint Petersburg State University and the Antonio Meneghetti Faculdade in Brazil (both being institutions that embraced the ontopsychological thought as a ground of their educational path) and of the Antonio Meneghetti Foundation. This year, the event represented again an essential international scientific refresher-course gathering, being attended by doctors, psychologists, sociologists, university lecturers, entrepreneurs and researchers from all over the world (Italy, Brazil, Russian Federation, China, Baltic countries) of every age and origin, illustrating the intellectual hunger which is, first of all, a path of quest for personal evolution.
From an in-depth analysis of the emerging power of BRICS, passing through the DSM V publication, to the scientific news on carcinogenesis, this year again the results of “a research which for science is still future”, as Meneghetti recalls, were communicated.
What is the common thread of these past 25 years and those to come? The eternal values of the perennial Humanism of which Ontopsychology identified the pass key and the method to make them operational in different fields of human existence.