Summer 2013 under the banner of “Ontopsychology and Humanistic Rationality”

Under the title “Ontopsychology and Humanistic Rationality, there took place in Trevi from August 14-17, 2013 the XXVI edition of the Summer University of Ontopsychology, the annual international scientific update which also highlights key issues of the Ontopsychological science.
As every year, hundreds of participants come from different countries of the world, from Brazil to Russia, from China to Ukraine and Europe, for a time of training that is structured around videoconferences conducted by Professor Antonio Meneghetti on the occasion of the course “Ontological Rationality”, which were alternated with interventions by teachers from around the world to deepen in the basic issues addressed.
The event opened with the lecture “Why Ontopsychology?, reporting on a conference held at the FOIL Centre of Marudo on March 9, with the objective of providing a synthetic and unitary vision about the importance of knowing the new field of Ontopsychology.
Many highlights punctuated the intervals between the training sessions, starting with the award ceremony to consign diplomas for specialised studies in ontopsychology, to the students of Italy, Brazil and the Ukraine who last June presented their experimental research theses at the Chair of Ontopsychology of Saint Petersburg State University. Last but not least, the presentation of the last issue of the magazine “New Ontopsychology, that at the end of its 30 years of life has revamped its image, dedicating great space to the event promoted by the AIO last March that drew to Lizori high representatives from the United Nations.
The next appointment will be in 2014, along a path whose route is always clearly indicated:
“If you want to be scientific, and teach a truth that is objective, all one has to do is to grasp the scientific formula of this new discovery. And use it”.
Because this is Ontopsychology.